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You have information you want to share among a specific group of people (your employees, your school, members of your club, etc.). You figure a good way to do this would be to have the information accessible via the Internet – the only problem is you don't want the whole world to see what you put on your site. Wouldn't it be great if you could have a private “Internet” that only a select few people could access?


An intranet does exactly that. Whether you choose to host your intranet on the Internet, making it a small sub-network available to anyone on the World Wide Web that you choose specifically, or to host your intranet on a closed network (for example, the LAN in your place of work), the concept is the same: you have a web site accessible by a small group of people determined by criteria you control. Obviously, there are many potential uses for this:


Intranets are cheap to implement and run. There's usually no need to buy new equipment for the end user or significantly restructure the corporate network.

Information is easy to share and collaboration is improved across your organization. For example, all sales leads for your sales team can be posted and tracked on a central page on your intranet. You can distribute training materials quickly and easily. Company presentations can be shared across time zones effortlessly.

In conjunction with a database, all of the information on your network is searchable and instantly accessible through a simple web interface, which is just one more way you can save a great deal of money.

Of course, you can combine your intranet with a blog, CMS, customer support database using a forum format, or other types of content.

Our Intranet development offer: registration, hosting, server configuration, firewall, security, CMS Content Management System, application software

Our Offer

We have the know-how you need in order to set up your own intranet and make sure it runs efficiently. We'll configure your web server, your firewall hardware and software, your Content Management Software and your Application software, if any. And of course we'll take care of the security considerations required to make sure your intranet stays private.

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