Custom website design WITH DOMAIN REGISTRATION for only $99!

Owning a web site requires several things:

While it might seem like these things are all the same, they're actually all very different aspects of getting your web presence online.

Registration Basics

Your website name registration (officially called a “Domain Name”) is a lot like filing with the post office once you buy an apartment. The web server machine (the “apartment”) exists somewhere in cyberspace, but without registering your domain (the “http://...” line that a web surfer types into the browser), web surfers' computers won't know how to get to your site.

Some hosting providers (like an apartment manager, to continue the above analogy) will take care of that part for you. Most don't. Most of the time, it's up to you to register the name of your new website with the appropriate authorities so people will be able to find your web site.

Our Services

As part of our services for designing your new web site, we will register your site for you, if you don't want to take care of that yourself. You can expect to spend anywhere from around $6 to $14 to get your address registered, depending on the type of name you want. You'll have to pay that same amount again, each year, in order to keep using your website's name. This fee is charged by the domain name registrar, and we charge nothing over and above that fee for our name registration services; it's just part of the “package” you get when you hire us.

Alternatively, you can just register your domain name yourself. If you want to do this, you can find any number of registrars by doing a web search on “domain name registrar” using your favorite search engine.

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