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Email: the technology everybody loves to hate. Regardless of your attitude about email, it's here to stay, and irrespective of its shortcomings (spam, email hijacking, viruses, etc.), it can still be an extremely useful tool – when used and configured correctly.


The major concern with email usage is security. How can you offer visitors to your site the possibility of contacting you and still assure that your web site won't be left open to attacks by spambots, or even worse: hackers who will use your site to propogate viruses or malware? Similarly, how can you use your site to send email to your visitors, manage custom mailing lists, and handle other automated communication tasks over email, and still be sure you're doing so securely?

Professional Services

Of course, one reasonable answer is to hire professionals who know how to protect your site from these types of vulnerabilities. You want a service provider who can set you up to use the latest CAPTCHA technology, in order to protect against spambots hijacking your website-based email and forums. Your service provider should be able to protect your site from attempts to use it as a distribution center for spam, viruses and other malware, by using well-established filtering products such as Apache's Spam Assassin and Internet security programs by Norton and McAffee. You might even consider having your email system configured so you'll be able to communicate securely using TLS (SSL).

Custom E-Mail Servers

Sometimes using a vanilla email server is not enough. If you need to use a specific brand of email server, you can count on us to get you up and running quickly and efficiently, with a minimum of fuss. As well as setting up your email accounts using your hosting provider's facilities for your new web site, we'll work together with your hosting provider to get your web site's proprietary email server set up correctly, should you need one. We're quite familiar with the most popular mail servers, including Microsoft Exchange, Procmail, QMail, M+ NetMail, and Unix Sendmail-based servers. We'll even show you how to configure your email clients, allowing you to leverage the power of mail user agents like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, and SquirrelMail freeware web-based email clients which use your new web site.

Set-up Services

Our engineers have substantial experience with the configuration and administration of leading email platforms, both those used by ISP's for web-based services and other standalone systems. We will:

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